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Alcohol and Drug Rules

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Who is Affected By These Rules?
‐ Anyone who owns/leases commercial motor vehicles
‐ Anyone who assigns drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles
‐ Federal, State and Local governments
‐ For‐Hire and Private Motor Carriers
‐ Civic Oragnizations
‐ Churches

What Alcohol Use Is Prohibited?
Alcohol is a legal substance; therefore the rules define specific prohibited alcohol‐related conduct.
Performance of safety‐sensitive function is prohibited:
‐ While using alcohol
‐ While having a breath alcohol concentration of 0.04 percent or greater as indication by an
breath test
‐ Within four hours after using alcohol
In addition, refusing to submit to an alcohol test or using alcohol within eight hours after an accident or
until tested (for drivers required to be tested) are prohibited.

Required Alcohol Tests:
‐ Post‐accident
‐ Reasonable suspicion
‐ Random
‐ Return to duty and follow up

Drugs Tested For:
‐ Marijuana
‐ Cocaine
‐ Amphetamines
‐ Opiates (including Heroin)
‐ Phencyclidine (PCP)

All drug use is prohibited while both on or off duty.


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Driver alcohol and drug testing records are confidential and may be released only to the employer and
the substance abuse professional. Exceptions to these confidentiality provisions are limited to a decision
maker in arbitration, litigation or administrative proceedings arising from a positive drug test.

Statistical  records and reports are maintained by employers and drug testing laboratories. This information is aggregated data and is used to monitor compliance with the rules and to assess the effectiveness of the drug testing programs.

For assistance with the procedures of how to conduct an alcohol or drug test,
Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Office of Drug and Alcohol Program Compliance,
Room 10317
400 Seventh Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590
(202) 366‐3784‐security/safety‐initiatives/drugs/engtesting.htm