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North Carolina National General Insurance Company Authorized Commercial Quotes. We are an appointed National general Agency for the entire state of North Carolina.
North Carolina National General Insurance Company Authorized Commercial Quotes (855) 820-8321.

National General’s Small Business Auto Insurance and Commercial Truck Insurance offers great coverage: Insures a wide range of vehicle types including tractor trailers, flatbed trucks, box trucks, pickups, company cars and more.

***Important News for NC Truckers*** NCRF Rate Increase April 15TH 2021

“These North Carolina Reinsurance Facility increases are applicable to all policies becoming effective on or after April 15, 2021. No policy effective prior to April 15, 2021 shall be endorsed or cancelled and rewritten to take advantage of or to avoid the application of these changes except at the request of the insured and at the customary short rate charges as of the date of such request, but in no event prior to April 15, 2021.” Source

NC Big Rig Truck Insurance Quotes. We do the shopping, You do the driving and deliver the goods!

For companies that have a DOT number or MC number you need transportation risk specialist agents that specialize in truck insurance to get the right coverage at the best price. We get your federal ICC filings submitted fast to keep you rolling.

Popular Company Types insured with NC National General Commercial Policies

North Carolina Contractor/Tradesman•

Carpentry• General Contractors• Painters• Electricians• Handyman• Plumbers• Heating and Air Conditioning• Flooring Specialists• Roofers• Siding Installers• Masonry• Landscaping/Lawn care• Tree Trimming/Removal

North Carolina Service Businesses

• Accountants/Consultants/Realtors• Janitorial/Maid Services• Carpet Cleaning• Repair Services• Cable Installers• Pool Cleaning• Inspectors• Interior Decorators/Design• Florists• Photographers• Surveyors• Locksmiths•

And other NC Service Type Businesses

• Cargo Transport• Dirt, Sand and Gravel• Debris Removal• Courier (bulk, with no time constraints)• Taxis/Church Buses/Shuttles• Package Delivery• Farming• Catering/Food Trucks• Grocery Wholesalers• Wholesale Sales/Stores• Apparel Manufacturing• Furniture/Appliance Delivery•

Many more markets available by speaking to our licensed NC National General authorized agents by calling (855) 820-8321. You could also use the quick contact form below for professional assistance.

North Carolina National General Insurance Company Common Vehicles We Easily Insure as an authorized agency with binding authority.
North Carolina National General Insurance Company Vehicles Easily Insured (855) 820-8321.

North Carolina National General Insurance Company Discounts

Flexible Pay Plans

• As low as 10% for qualified risks

• 6- and 12-month policy terms

• Auto Pay (EFT) by check or credit card

• Direct bill

North Carolina National General Insurance Company Program Highlights

• Over 700 classes of business available for rating

• New coverage’s: Refrigerated Cargo, Motor Carrier Broadened

• $1,000 of Custom Equipment Coverage included on personal auto types at no additional cost

• Limits from state minimum up to $1M CSL (or higher as required by NCRF)

• Unlimited additional insured’s

• Unlimited mileage radius available

• Business and personal auto vehicles with incidental and non-business use are permitted

• Physical Damage on a wide range of risks (including public autos and tractor trailers)

• Federal filings and MCS-90 available

• Optional Step-Down Liability Coverage Policy Contract

• New business ventures and start-ups

• Sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations

Immediate rates on over 90% of quotes

• Real-time endorsement quotes and binding

• Policy documents available online, on-demand

• Certificate issuance directly from our policy system

• In-Agency Transfer• Paid-in-Full• Package

• Affiliated or Non-Affiliated Commercial Package Policy (GL, WC, or BOP)

• Multi-Policy

• Telematics and Smart Phone Safe Mode

• Paperless

• EFT/Auto Pay

• Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Getting your company quoted properly is very important, so we have the following great tools available.

• Easily search occupations by business type, SIC or NAICS code

• Select/reject all household drivers, enter all employees and select driver status

• Personal auto types, including cars, pick-up trucks and vans, are now based on the VIN # and rated as Actual Cash Value

• Commercial trucks are rated on Stated Amount and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

• Fleets (5 or more power units) require underwriting approval and receive discretionary pricing

NC National General Commercial Auto Fleet Underwriting

All fleet risks of ten or more power units will be reviewed by Underwriting prior to binding

You will need to supply the following additional information:
Currently valued loss runs for the prior three years
Proof of prior insurance coverage.

Upon review of the information, we will provide a quote or contact you regarding additional information.

Otherwise, you can provide a complete submission of the following information:
Currently valued loss runs for the prior three years
A complete list of drivers with their driver license number
A complete list of vehicles with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and stated amount
Proof of prior insurance coverage.

Upon review of the information, we will provide a quote or contact you regarding additional information.

In addition to the discounts and surcharges available, our Underwriting Team will use;
Schedule Rating debits and credits along with Experience Rating in evaluating all fleet accounts.
Schedule Rating includes reviews of equipment quality, maintenance and safety, driver experience and stability, financial stability, and management of firm. Experience Rating is based on the loss ratio over the past three years.

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Commercial Insurance Agencies is an authorized agency with direct binding authority for National General Insurance Company.